Climate change

The main cause of climate change we are facing today is global warming. According to a report by the international study of climate change, if the temperature rises above 2.5°C, all regions of the world may suffer adverse effects, if the temperature rises by 4°C, it may cause irreversible damage to the global ecosystem. Then what reason influences global warming? The reason for global warming can be caused by both natural and human factors.

First, apparently, humans are guilty as charged. Human beings seriously threaten the balance between the natural ecological environment from generation to generation as I read. It’s of course divided into many reasons, to be more specific the rapid increase of the human population is one of the main factors leading to climate changes. Due to the result of the large population increase, carbon dioxide emitting will directly lead to the continuous increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus forming the “greenhouse effect”. It impacts the earth’s ozone atmosphere, so it’s also deteriorating the marine ecological environment. For example, according to the prediction of relevant experts, the sea level may rise by 50cm by the middle of the next century.

Second, As we know human consumption is very high. We are cynical, greedy, and always require more weight than we need. Not only that, human beings are the deadliest species in the world because we often maltreat our natural resources, we like to destroy archetypes of nature, we like to pollute our environment. Also, we are very selfish and reckless because we only preserve and raise what we urgently need and ignore others. Then such things as biological species and plantings were exterminated and vanished by human activities and industries. For instance, today, every minute in the world, 20 hectares of forests are destroyed, 10 hectares of land are deserted, and 47,000 tons of soil are eroded. Soil erosion reduces soil fertility and water retention, thereby reducing soil biological productivity and its ability to maintain productivity. So, it may cause large-scale floods and sandstorms, causing major economic losses to society, deteriorating the ecological environment and accelerating the extinction of species.

Second, it’s caused by natural factors. Earth’s climate has changed throughout history. In the last 650000 years, there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with the abrupt end of the last ice age about 11700 years ago. At the present, we are living in a warm period of the world due to the changes in the earth’s periodic revolution trajectory. The periodic orbit of the earth’s trajectory leads to climate change when it is closer to the sun, shape is an ellipse to a circular one. According to the research of a certain scientist, the earth’s temperature has been alternating between high temperature and low temperature because of that.

Therefore, if we as human beings want to survive for a long time we need to treat nature properly and develop eco-technologies since we cannot change the orbit trajectory of the earth. Furthermore, we have had enough understanding from the past and present about the consequences of violating the laws of nature. Also, we have to realize no matter how we evolve and improve, we are an integral part of the planet. We should beware of ignoring or idealizing our superficial acquaintances.


My name is Bayardulam. I am from Mongolia. I am a traditional medicine doctor.

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Unurbayar Bayardulam

My name is Bayardulam. I am from Mongolia. I am a traditional medicine doctor.